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The best way to earn fast cash is to live in the city. The city makes up 45% of your annual tax burden, while the rest of the state covers just 27%. For most city dwellers, paying property taxes and licensing fees means they can save huge money over their lifetimes.

Of course, as a resident you’re required to pay in-state sales taxes in all states where you hold a home. So if you live in California, you’d pay sales tax on your sales to California, and as California is a massive state, you’d owe sales tax on your sales to California as well. For those who live in New York and don’t own a home, you may not pay any property taxes in New York, but that doesn’t mean the tax will stay the same. New York will impose a tax on property sold to nonresidents and a state tax that’s passed down to the seller.

As a nonresident, you will also pay in-state sales tax on all purchases, especially purchases made in bulk. In addition to local sales tax, many states also impose “use taxes,” such as taxes on motor vehicle registrations, vehicle registrations, vehicle titles, and vehicle registration fees. For example, if you sell your car to a California resident, you may pay CA use tax on the sale that is $300 or less.

If you have a business that’s registered to you, you can avoid using your business exemption by listing or paying the business taxes first. If you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have much wiggle room – you’re a “pass-through” business, which means your owners and employees pay ordinary income tax on their business income. But if you own a business, be prepared to pay the business income tax on your business profits, which are often in the $25,000+ range.

Once you’ve taken all the steps to set up a business in a California city, you’re off to the races!

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