How can I lock my photos on Facebook? – How To Make Money Selling Photos Online

Here’s how

If you need to secure your content on your social media accounts, here’s the good news . You can do it at once and it’ll have an immediate and noticeable impact.

Here are a few options that work for Facebook, but there are plenty of other ways that can take down your content.

1. Use “No Comments”

No Comments is very simple to use and works great to secure your content. It’s the first thing that pops up on your friends sidebar and is designed to remove any comments on your posts.

You can find it in your Settings under the General tab.

2. Change your “Comments” to “No Comments”

You can either go a step further and enable Comments, or you can just leave them alone — it doesn’t make a great difference.

3. Set a “Limit Comments” Policy

By setting up a Limit Comments policy, you limit the number of comments your posts appear in. By default you can set this to 1,000 to limit the max number of comments you can have per day.

How is your social media content protected? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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