How can I make money from my photos?

If you want to make money with your photos, you need to learn how to upload and upload content that’s going to sell. There are a lot of websites out there for this. If you’ve been putting most of your effort into getting good photos, it’s worth learning the basics. It takes time and effort.

Also, be careful you don’t upload photos that you don’t want.

If I get my photos taken for a blog (like I did with my website), how can I monetize them?

Most blogs don’t have many photos (and the ones that are there are often crappy). If you’re starting a blog with just a few photos, you can use this easy method to monetize them for yourself and your blog.

Let’s say you’re blogging about a dog, and you have one photo of your dog.

You put a link somewhere in a post (in the text) where your blog will read about your dog.

Include the link in the text of the post.

Include the link on your blog, if you are doing it that way.

The link will also show up in your posts in this form.

You can use the links in all your photos, too. (Including the link, of course, without the text or text-only part that comes above it.)

How to monetize photos like that?

Here’s an infographic explaining how to do it.

Here’s another infographic that gives some more details:

Where can I find a good photographer?

Most of the things that a professional photographer sells or creates are pretty expensive. There are a few sites that sell these things that make a lot of money as well.

Here are two of them:

Where can I find a great site that sells cheap photos?

You probably wouldn’t expect a website that uses ads to make money. It’s kind of a niche market that’s hard to come by. You’ll have to work hard for this.

And even if you do find this niche, it’s not going to be easy. There are just too few quality-oriented sites to choose from that you can find decent deals on. Here are a couple of tips I recommend when looking for good deals on photo packages or photo editing:

Start searching from keywords of your choice.

Click through to more reputable sites, like Flickr, Gfycat, Flickr-Pool