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If you are printing with a 3D printer, click the “Print This” button from the printer’s menu. You will be prompted to provide some information for the print, including the filament you are using. If the size you need is unknown, then you can try the print settings in your printers software.

I have a question about the printer and its settings. How do I contact you?

Please submit your question by emailing [email protected] Please enter in one or more valid options and the email address that you’d like to receive a response from.

For other print related questions, please feel free to email [email protected]

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A simple plugin to automatically upload your screenshots / video (movies)/gifs / etc. to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve never seen a plugin like this before. It does 3 features to save space on Dropbox, the last step is to install the plugin and just let it do it’s thing.


Automatically upload all screenshots / videos / gifs / etc to every social media platform using Dropbox, Google Drive & DropBox.

Download and extract screenshots/videos / gifs / etc. to a clipboard.

Use simple drag and drop interface to copy/paste all available screenshots/videos / gifs / etc. to your clipboard.

Add/remove/edit existing screenshots/videos / gifs / etc. with simple drag and drop menu.

Use simple drag and drop menu to add/remove/edit existing screenshot/video / gif / etc.

Support for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and G+ (plus more soon) so you won’t have to worry about those pesky settings!

Install the plugin!

Simply do the following:

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