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You can use standard 3rd party photo printing service that provide you a great price with free shipping, which is an alternative to the most basic 3D printers. There are many 3D Printing Services that you can choose from that cost only $2,5 per model and offer best quality high-quality 3D Photos.

If you want to work with a professional 3D Printers we recommend you to make an order with 3D Systems, the manufacturer of the best 3D Printers in the world.

How do I start developing my own 3D Models?

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If you have made many models from previous tutorials you might want to start developing. If you want to make some photos you can make them and share them. You have to find out first the size of the 3D models and then you have to select a style and materials, as usual. The process of creating model and then printing it is really straightforward.

I don’t understand how do you do it?!

That is the great challenge of using 3D printing, there are different techniques but most of your needs are understood immediately. But there are some special technical features to make it even more exciting. So that you can use all the techniques without any need of further training. And also you can start making your models with your own hands.

What is STL file?

Stl file are shortcodes that allows you to define an object. With 3D Model Builder you can make 3D models easily without uploading them first, which could take a whole day. This means that you can be working on your modeling when you have left for sleep.

To make 3D Models using STL file you have to add it to your 3D Model Builder. However, 3D Model Builder is a free software and is totally closed source. That means you can freely download and use it but you should be aware that you will not get any refund if for some reason your 3D Model does not finish.

What are the free stock STL files?

The biggest challenge of using 3D Printing is that most of the models are made from 3D files and they are all in a single folder. Most of 3D Models have many STL files that you can download for free or pay for in order to make your model using 3D Printing.

How can I save my 3D Models?

You can save an object (3D Model) from your 3D Model Builder within its folder which will save it

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