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You can sell your camera (and its lenses) to a licensed sales rep for the price of $2 or less, which means you’ll have to pay the sales tax, and you’ll likely receive an invoice from that rep, but you’ll have to wait a week for the tax to be deducted.

Here’s an Example Of A Selling Agent

You know you need to sell your camera because you bought your first DSLR, or you’ve had a friend with a DSLR for awhile.

You’re ready to buy, but the tax department says you had to sell it before that. So you give up.

The agent has a lot to offer, so you ask how much you can pay him. He says, “Well, $5,000,” because you’re getting the camera now and you don’t actually know he’s going to sell it for $5,000 later.

Now you’re sitting there wondering, “How can I sell my camera?”

You can sell it directly to an authorized service center or through an authorized distributor. In this scenario, you can sell the camera through an authorized service center, and get a tax receipt for your first sale. The sales tax you are required to pay depends on the method you choose to sell — you will pay sales tax in three different phases.

(For more details, see’s Sales Tax and Buying Service Sales Tax Basics & Understanding Your Sales Tax Payment.)

To Sell Your Camera Directly, You’ll Need One Business Account To File The Sales Tax With

If you sell directly (directly) without an authorized service center, but you sell by using an authorized distributor, you must register one business (business) account with the IRS that can track sales and payments over time.

If you sell your camera over the internet through online auction, you need an eBay account to manage that. (For an explanation of how eBay works)

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