How can I sell my camera?


You can sell your camera and make sure the camera is in good condition but it is not the end of the world to sell it. You might not receive a return on your investment.


I paid for one of your classes

You’re not allowed to show me the files after classes until after I’ve received your payment.

What if I want to show you something?

You need to give me permission to do so first

What is B&GF?

Big Fucking Good

What is a private collection

I don’t know what that means…

You need a personal collector

What is a library

I am a student

I don’t know what that means

I’m a library guy

What is a forum

I don’t know what that means…

You need to give me permission to post in this forum

If you don’t know how to use a site to show something, you can also upload an image of it to share with anyone. It is only one click to get the image. Uploading your image will give you permission to use the page for 3 weeks. You can use your permission and share on all the same sites you normally share images with. You will not need to delete the image if you don’t want to.


I have a question about your store that is specific to your store.


What is a Facebook wall and how do I get one?

I want a sign in button in my store

I don’t know what that means

I got a suggestion

What if I bought a set of parts and I don’t want to keep them? Can I sell them later and get something for them?

You don’t seem to understand it

You need to send me a personal message

What is a referral credit?

A referral credit is a credit you can send someone that does not pay for anything (not just regular sales) if you get their email address or use the link in their email. It is not allowed for someone to use the credit if they don’t pay.

I like your store, but I want someone else to buy something from your store

I like your store, but I want a referral credit for someone else!

In my store?

In the store when the other user is there