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While the job can be done from anywhere, it is a lot easier to become a professional photographer by getting freelance assignments in one location. Most photographers like to have their work displayed in multiple locations where they can capture good examples without being in the same building as other people.

Most freelance photographers work at the same time, so one assignment and one assignment only is a lot easier than doing multiple assignments all at once. So start off by applying through photo contests and agencies. It can be a daunting prospect, but once you have gotten your foot in the door you will feel more confident in your ability to take on more gigs.

If your local agency, contest, or contest manager is giving out a number of free photos for your portfolio, take advantage of it by entering the contest as a freelance photo editor. Make sure that you enter each photo as a different type of freelance assignment and be open to all types of potential projects.

What kind of photographers do you work with?

I love to work with photographers who are in the field of film photography. Photographers such as Terry Olin, Ken Olin, Mike Bostock, and many others have given me opportunities through my photography career. They are some of the most creative people I know and I believe they are talented at what they do. They have an awesome taste in subjects that I feel are very appealing to photographers. Also, I like to work with people who just love it. They aren’t into it for the money, and love telling a good story; they just love getting their images out. The more they think about it, the more they want to be involved. I have had great results with these individuals. Also, I know that you can be in the business of digital photography and still shoot film.

I don’t work with people who are doing portrait photography or sports photography. My favorites when it comes to those are those who are creative, fun, and take the image seriously. You have to show your sense of humor, you have to have a great understanding of lighting and subject matter, and you have to have the skills to get a good result from your images. If all goes well when shooting photojournalism, then you can be an editor, too. Then you can do the same as a photo editor, but work for a publication or corporate. The next step is to start building your portfolio. I work with many photographers, photographers who have a lot of experience (they have worked with several clients) and I work

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