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How to learn from a millionaire? These are all good questions and, I think, they’re worth a conversation. There is really no one single answer, and that is why I am sharing this with you.

Some answers will be obvious, others may not be intuitive at all. My favorite answer by far is the one I have shared for decades and one I still say when I see new millionaires: “I know it sounds simple. I have a million dollars. I’m a billionaire.” If you are in a position you want to be in, then this answer is extremely important.

First, I will outline how you can become wealthy from a very, very small base of investments and savings. First, you must understand you cannot achieve wealth by saving everything you possess. You must have a base level of savings and invest it, if needed, in something that provides a return on that savings. You must always be prepared to sell if your savings drops below a certain level, so you can continue putting more effort into it. Most importantly, your investment decisions should be based on research, not wishful thinking. You should be willing to invest in something you cannot see how it’s going to add to your bank account; not something you don’t like but you don’t consider to be a viable option. These are some important things to remember. This is a process that takes time to get right, but I am willing to bet with the right person, it will pay off for you.

If you are like most of us who spend a large amount of our lives trying to save for a rainy day, or a big vacation, or a home in the city, then most of your investment decisions will revolve around just three investments: time, money, property. The first two are your main options, but it’s a mistake to focus on all three at once. You should build your wealth slowly through all of these three investments.

The Three Investments That Make You Millions

Now let’s focus our attention on these three investments. I don’t expect you to have a super-specific “one trick” method for each, so if you can think of a better way to do anything, please comment or let me know.

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The most important investment you will make right now is you. If you can’t see the value in yourself right now, think. Is it possible to grow your assets in the future by creating wealth, or by selling things you don’t want that you think you absolutely

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