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The former Labour Party leader says the idea of a united Ireland would be a “silly fantasy” after calling Northern Ireland “burdensome and costly” on the economy.

Addressing members of the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) held in Northern Ireland on Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn called on the party to come together in order to protect the economic interests of their constituents.

The comments come in spite of a row of tensions between both sides over the UK’s “divorce bill”, which has set off a fresh feud within the DUP over its relationship with the Government.

Mr Corbyn’s remarks followed a meeting to try and find a resolution to the row involving former DUP leader Arlene Foster for the first time since her resignation in June. She said in July and again this week that her party had not yet signed up for a joint position on Brexit.

The former Labour leader made clear that an agreement was needed between nationalists and unionists to prevent the country from being “left without a trade union framework”. He said the issue should be settled while politicians focused on achieving some of the priorities of both communities.

“You’ll have to understand that the economic issues which are going to be a major cause of the decline in Northern Ireland – and by that I mean the decline of the manufacturing sector in the North – will need your attention, will require your action, but they’re not urgent,” he said.

“You don’t wait for a political issue to occur to take action, or in this case to deal with this issue, so that we can have prosperity and a fairer and more peaceful society.

Rajya Sabha MP B K Prakash Rajya Sabha MP

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