How do I sell photos to Shutterstock? – Shutterstock Contributor Ideas

The Flickr API allows us to register a photographer with the company, and the buyer will be given immediate access to the entire collection. If that’s all you’d like to do, there’s really not much to do at all.

You can sign up to receive notifications and manage your portfolio, and there’s a service called Flickr Cloud that helps you store your photos in a convenient location.

I’m starting a crowd source campaign or am trying for some sort of a photo festival, can I request a copy of your photo or photos from Shutterstock via email?

Yes, you can request a full copy of your images via email, or you can sign up to the Flickr Creative Cloud program. The Creative Cloud service comes with several benefits, including the ability to save up to 500 JPEGs and 500 PNGs at a time.

Can I upload images to Shutterstock from my Dropbox account?

Yes we do allow you to upload images from your Dropbox account. You can specify the type of file that it is you want to use, so we can save your images and also process your requests.

Who owns the images in my Flickr collections?

Our client has full legal control over the contents of all of the images in the Flickr portfolio. For privacy reasons, we’re unable to comment on individual cases but will only comment that there is no copyright infringement.

I noticed that some of my pictures are being deleted or have been sold… who can I sue?

We have a policy in place that protects the intellectual property of the photographers represented by Shutterstock Creative. In addition, you are not required to provide us with proof of infringement, so no lawsuits or complaints will be filed to force repositioning of images from the site.

What about copyright infringement lawsuits?

On a methane mystery tour in the Four Corners region ...
There is no such thing as a free lunch, but in general you can expect all of our photos to continue to be made available, with the exceptions noted below.

1. If you’re going to try your chances at suing Shutterstock, you should have a very good case. It’s just not likely that the company will change your image, but there could be additional charges or damages.

2. If you have made any additional edits, uploads, or images, there will probably be more fees or charges to apply.

In the photo gallery below, “Merry-Go-Round” is one of the images that was illegally copied and used without permission in the photo gallery, and the

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