How do I sell to Adobe stock?

If you have Adobe stock, I would like to sell your stock to an investor in Europe. Your stock is available on Adobe’s online stock site, and you will need to have a broker/dealer confirm to you that the investor is in Europe. It is important to note that you are only getting 1.5% of 1.5% if the sale is over a 2 week period (the 1.5% of 1% fee is then applied).

How much do I need to pay in order to sell Adobe stock?

Adobe sells all of this stock in 1.5% increments, so you will need to pay 4.5% of your first $10,000 for stock in 1.5% increments to get 1.5% of 1.5% of 1.5%. This is a $2,500 fee for every $2,500 invested in your share class. The brokerage account may ask you for additional information to verify your stock ownership. You will need to contact an investor representative to request this information.

What if I have not bought Adobe stock yet?

If you own Adobe stock and have not bought it yet, there are two ways you can buy. You can sell shares in your Adobe account to an investor in Europe, or you can open another account which will have Adobe’s stock as a member.

Adobe only sells shares to an investor in Europe, but you may have a brokerage account in the US or Europe. A brokerage account cannot be opened in the US and Europe simultaneously. Please visit Adobe’s Stock Brokerage Page to learn more about the brokerage account you may have in your country.

This method also does not pay the 1.5% of 1.5% fee applied to your account.

You can open a brokerage account with your own account in Europe or the US (as long as you own shares in the Adobe stock at the time of opening the investment account). This brokerage account will be available to you during the first year following investment. Once invested, you will need to contact an investor representative to obtain additional registration verification verification.

What if I already have an Adobe account?

If you already have an Adobe account, and you have not opened a brokerage account to buy or sell Adobe stock, you do not need to open another account.

If you already own shares in Adobe stock at the time of opening the account, you are not required to register to open a brokerage account to buy