How do you create a photography portfolio?

This is probably the toughest and most overlooked art project there is. You need to understand the medium you are photographing in and create an aesthetically pleasing collection of photographs.

To create a photographic portfolio, I start by identifying the goals and the artistic vision behind each image. Each image will be the first step in a series I would create. Over time, I will combine multiple portfolios together into one large portfolio. By creating a wide range of images (e.g. landscapes, buildings, landscapes, abstract art) it allows artists to showcase their talents at any point during the life of the portfolio. If you create a single portfolio, your artwork won’t have any continuity so make sure you include a unique description for every image.

What do you think about all those great images you see in galleries and magazines? Do you ever feel like you know exactly what to do with a particular image?

The work of photographers is always so amazing; but sometimes it’s just a little boring. We spend more time discussing what I should be doing with the image than actually doing it.

It is also important to understand that photography allows the artist to create the perfect piece of art. All the amazing images that pop up through the Internet can be used in the wrong way–a photograph taken on a wedding day needs more time and care than a photo shot in the middle of winter at the bottom of a mountain; every photographer that tells us one thing about what photography is about and then does the opposite creates a very bad impression.

The one thing I would tell aspiring photographers is to read photography magazines and art books. You do not need to know everything you need to know; but you need to learn as much as you can.

How are you preparing?

A lot of people use Photoshop but I am still learning and I don’t want to use it because I don’t know where it leads. I prefer to do my own work and do each image individually.

I also enjoy working on small projects, as I have been known to make just one or two pieces for many years. I have done a lot of book illustrations for small and large publications in my career and I enjoy getting feedback on my work. I am always curious about what other photographers are doing and when I take a chance they ask me what I have been doing and I tell them. I enjoy getting in touch with other photographers and finding out exactly what works and maybe what I can learn.

What are your favourite places