How do you get paid for selfies? – Watch Videos And Earn Money In India

It’s an easy question to ask but the answer is not easy. Sure if you take a picture on your phone it makes up for the lost revenue by earning you more people to click. But even if you took a picture and gave it to the perfect stranger to take a pic on their laptop, or even Facebook it would have no effect.

Think about it for a moment as you see the rise of your Instagram or Snapchat. They don’t bring in more people to the app, they just draw more people in to the app.

Now, this is not my view. That’s the view of many of the most respected brands and most influential people in their community. For instance, here is a tweet posted from @jessicaanderson, a successful New York socialite and businesswomen. She has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most popular women on Instagram with over 4 million followers. When you take a look at the most popular post on her most popular account on Instagram, a post that shows her and her family in NYC. It is a very classy post.

She has over 700 posts showing her family on her Instagram and only has 1 post that goes into the city. This is just a few of the thousands and thousands of posts she has put up.

When you put it this way, it becomes pretty obvious that she doesn’t post to garner Likes or likes. She posts because she wants to show people her family and show that she loves NYC. When you see her like and comment on these posts, you see a real relationship and you see your family on the other side. That, my friends, is power and influence.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways that social media influencers who have a real reach like Jessica Anderson or Jessica Green actually “make” money by selling Instagram post likes & comments to brands. I can’t say for sure how much each company pays to Instagram but the ones I know do all make minimum rates per post and a couple have higher rates. But, to show how it works lets take a look at how many likes/comments their posts get and how much they charge the brands.

If you want some context check out this quote by Instagram CMO Mike Krieger.

#influencerpay How influencers make more from Instagram posts than any online ad platform — Mike Krieger (@

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