How many jobs are there in photography?

At the start of each year, as jobs are advertised in The Photographer’s Newspaper, The Photographer has estimated the number of jobs in photography to be 3,000 to 4,000. As more photojournalists are hired, the number of jobs in photography continues to increase. The average number of jobs per photographer in a photojournalism job was 8.3. For all jobs in photography in 2016, The Photographer reported they had 3,769 jobs.

Derek Fisher, a former pro player, is the executive chairman of the Fisher family corporation, and the majority owner of the St. Louis Rams. It’s no surprise Fisher would want to see the Rams to stay in St. Louis, as the stadium project, if approved by voters in November, would help St. Louis’ struggling economy.

Fisher’s desire to keep the Rams in St. Louis is a little surprising, considering Rams team owners Stan Kroenke and Michael Kroenke bought the team for $2 billion in 2014 before the Rams won the Super Bowl, so the two must have already had some form of interest in the city.

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The Rams have lost every game since Fisher took over the team in 2013. The Rams haven’t won a playoff game since 2013–with the one exception being last year, when they lost to the Broncos in the first round after beating the Rams in the regular season.

The franchise is looking to rebuild its image with an ambitious new stadium construction project. The new stadium was supposed to have a capacity of nearly 80,000 people, but only 55,037 attended the 2013 Super Bowl. The Rams finished with a 6-10-1 record last year.

The Rams’ last meeting was in April, where Kroenke and Kroenke’s wife, Shelley, gave a big gift to the Rams to thank them. The gifts from the two Kroenke’s went to Kroenke Foundation and the St. Louis Area Foundation.

On the Rams’ 2014-15 budget, that included $2.5 million to the St. Louis Area Foundation:

“The Rams Foundation supports the work of the St. Louis area nonprofit, the St. Louis Regional Center for Public Television and Radio, which has worked with local elected officials to make the Regional Center the primary news source in the St. Louis area,” Fisher wrote in a letter he sent to the state of Missouri Attorney General, Robert J. McCulloch, on July 13, 2014. “In 2012, a year