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There are currently a record-breaking 14,000 open photography jobs in London, representing 12,000 full-time workers, 1,000 part-time and 700 contractors, according to the city’s Flickr job website.

A more recent analysis published on April 16 by the New York Times looked at the 10 occupations that have the most opportunities to make money. (A total of 5,500 jobs were offered in London last year, up from 4,300 in 2009, it said.)

Of the 10 jobs, seven of them are in journalism, including the chief executive of the BBC, the owner of the London Evening Standard, the Guardian newspaper and The Guardian.

The next biggest job is digital editor. The remaining two are in media, one in fashion (a hairstylist) and the other in travel (a helicopter pilot).

Image caption The number of jobs in London with an online presence has soared over the last year

What about the rest of Europe?

The number of jobs in Paris, Lisbon, Prague – with one job for every 50,000 residents – are among the lowest. The only European city to see an increase in open jobs in 2011 was Vienna, where there are now 12,100 jobs, which is up 16% on last year.

The number of jobs in Moscow, whose capital city is St Petersburg, soared 29%, with a total of 3,350 open positions last year.

For all the discussion of ‘job-hopping’ – or the notion that people are moving to London and then moving elsewhere – Britain’s cities are seeing more job-hopping in every sense, such as more part-time workers, more online jobs or the recruitment of contractors.

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The figures for the job market are particularly stark when you look across the different economic regions.

Ahead of the publication of the report, economist and author James Purnell said that the UK was “a much fairer place, with lots of decent opportunities to make money, but with too many people chasing too few of it”.

So, should we be worried about the trend?


In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, author Tom Holland said the jobs that were open had been there “for a year, or more”.

“So if there’s a surge or change in a particular sector, in a particular city, the effects can be felt in other parts of the country

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