How many jobs are there in photography?

If you want to answer this question with absolute clarity, try the experiment: pick a good-looking person you wouldn’t mind hiring.

If she doesn’t look like you, how can you think she can do the job? You can’t.

Even if you’re a pretty, well-dressed, perfectly groomed person, just don’t think you can perform the same tasks better than she.

Look. At. The. Work.

The number one mistake I see people making here at Shutterfly is failing to look at their work in the same way, because even if you have a good eye, you don’t have a camera.

Why? Because photography is not a computer video.

Photography is a medium that allows for you to be present in the moment, to watch as others make photographs. This is your opportunity to make those photographs.

It’s a big investment, but it is absolutely worth it.
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That’s why I’d put my hands right on this article: this guide is going to show you how to use photos to make beautiful photographs.

Because every photo you collect from other people and then convert to photos is a chance to improve your own photography.

That’s why I’d start the process by taking pictures of something you normally wouldn’t, like your house or an outdoor shoot.

I’d do this step-by-step, so you could use your camera the way it was intended for: to provide a rich, interesting photographic representation of an important, meaningful and life-changing event.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you have to make something a huge photo. However, if you’re shooting a wedding scene for example, the choice of whether or not to include your surroundings in a photo – whether you include a flowerbed or take a photo of a tree at a wedding site – can make a huge difference to the final result.

So, for me, a photo that’s an exact representation of an important event is better than a “realistic” photo with a background of flowers or a tree.

Because there’s another, much more meaningful, difference. The difference between a flowerbed vs. a tree. It’s the difference that truly makes all the difference.

The photo that you use to make your wedding scene will show this.

In fact, if you’re doing this whole process yourself, take some time right now to do a bunch