How much can I make on Shutterstock? – Smugmug Pro

You can make a profit from your site, or you can sell it for advertising. You can also buy ads on your site to help sell the service.

Keep in mind that you may only be able to sell the ads with the permission of your host.

My site isn’t showing properly. Why?

While we don’t actively control the performance of your sites, it is generally very difficult for a host to prevent or prevent any of the problems you might experience. The most common causes of not having any ads and not receiving proper user controls are:

Browser and operating systems settings

Ad blockers

Ad networks and analytics service

Poor network connections

Poor connection to the Internet

Ad server software/proprietary programs

Third-party products (such as ads)

When do ads disappear from my site?

When you remove a payment gateway, that’s it. If you add the payment gateway again, your ads will be returned.

However, if you are hosting the ads themselves on your server, then you can remove a payment gateway in order to disable ads in question for your specific site.

If you have installed and configured the payment gateway and would like to delete your advertising, please follow the instructions here.

I’m having trouble with my payment gateway on my host’s website. What do I do?

If you are having difficulty running your payment gateway from your host, please try to install the payment gateway yourself. This could be done in 2 simple steps, assuming that the payment gateway is installed after following the instructions on our website for installing and configuring the payment gateway:

In your DNS server’s control panel on your host’s website, you will find the payment gateway’s IP address. In your browser, navigate to the payment gateway’s IP address. In your browser’s address bar, type or paste the address for in the ‘Host Name’ field. In the payment gateway’s URL field, you will be asked to enter the payment gateway’s URL URL.

Should I disable ads from PayPal on my site?

Our payment gateway is integrated in our payment gateway service. If you would like to disable ads from PayPal on your site, please read our FAQ link.

I do get notifications about a payment gateway being activated on my site. Could I still disable ads?

Absolutely! You could simply disable the ads with your host’s payment gateway. However, this would likely

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