How much do Photoshop artists make? – How To Make Money Online With Videos

It’s impossible to separate the true numbers from the rumors or the exaggeration. The average price is $20 per hour in America. So, the average hourly rate for a professional will probably be roughly double this. The average salary for an adult will be several times higher than this. There are some highly experienced graphic designers in this industry that are making several times more than that. For example, the average hourly rate for a professional graphic designer in the Seattle area in 2008 was $34.48. Today, they are able to make almost $1,250 an hour. I personally have heard estimates as high as $20 or $40 per hour.

Are these the best hours for a Photoshop designer?

Yes, absolutely. It’s impossible to have too many hours of work per day. The hardest part about being a professional Photoshop designer is not making good money, it’s getting good recognition. The most interesting jobs on the web involve photography and art direction. These positions are generally filled by young talented photographers, which can take up to 8 hours a day. In the past a couple of photographers became famous for being the best at some kind of creative endeavor. One such photographer is David Tisch, who founded The Fine Art Photography Awards on the web in 2005. David had an amazing ability to turn a negative into a positive. There are very few people like this on the web.

How do I go about finding a job as a Photoshop designer?

First step is to learn some basic computer skills. There are many websites such as that have an information about Photoshop jobs. There are also quite a few freelance web design sites. These jobs tend to be paid better than other sites. After you have some free time you should consider applying to a website such as, where there are many freelance designers offering their services for a few bucks a day.

There are other websites such as and even that advertise their services and provide paid Photoshop jobs for artists who can show their skills, such as graphic design. Although these are a bit expensive, they provide a great way for an aspiring designer to hone his skills if he doesn’t already have the knowledge.

How about travel to Asia to learn?

This job is becoming very popular as well. The biggest web designers in Asia now are in the US, Canada, and Australia, where they can learn from seasoned professionals. This

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