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FreePrints is currently in the process of expanding to new countries. We have raised almost $2 million dollars by the community through the FreePrints Fund to develop new platforms to support international growth. We will continue with this strategy for free software in Africa and beyond.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for a FREE account

Please note: FreePrints has a $30 fee at the time of signing up in order to support our ongoing efforts in improving the Internet. Your $30 is yours to keep, unless it is used to support our ongoing development. Thank you for your generous support.

Where can I help?

We have provided some of the tools you might need to help us grow. You can help with technical support and infrastructure. You can volunteer through the FreePrints Foundation ( or make a donation to the FreePrints Fund:

What are the advantages of using FreePrints over other printable resources? (in more detail)
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FreePrints is free, open and freely redistributable.

Founded in the spirit of open-source code, FreePrints has no paid staff and no paid servers. We have access to the Internet and the tools needed to improve.

The project is small and agile, with a clear structure and consistent policies. FreePrints has a team of about 30 dedicated developers. We maintain two printout servers (one is the original website, which is still running) and a print server/backend.

We encourage community involvement to make FreePrints better. Our mission statement describes what we expect of our users:

FreePrints supports free software communities, promotes an open and free Internet and works to end a generation of dependence on proprietary software. To achieve these goals, FreePrints provides software, services, and support to meet many requirements of developers and users.

In particular, we strive to provide free licenses for software, support for open-source development, and tools for managing, optimizing and sharing files. FreePrints also strives to have a strong community focus, and works with other community members to enhance the project and benefit from the ongoing collaboration. A free print server has significant costs, especially on a regional basis. However, we make great efforts to ensure we are providing a free print server of high quality

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