How much money can you make selling photos to Shutterstock? – Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body

If you’re doing it purely for love and money, the answer is “not much.”

Shutterstock’s site is free, but if you want to make profit, there are a variety of ways to monetize your photography. We’ve compiled some of the best ones so you can start planning your portfolio. Just remember:

1. Pay Your Photographer

When your photographer is busy selling your photos for money, you can use your stock photo editor to make more money. You will make more money using your stock photo editor if the photo editor you use is similar in price to other photo editors at Shutterstock. Shutterstock’s stock photo tools are $3 for a single stock photo.

If there is no stock photo editor available at Shutterstock, you can find other options to make more money from your photos. For example, the stock photo image tools on Shutterstock are great if you plan on selling your photos at an online auction site like Fiverr or sell your photos for a commission through a business partner like Bumble and Bumble.
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2. Use Fiverr

If you have a business partner you want to sell and they want you to create an offering that will be better than anything you could do yourself, send them the link to the video that you would like to use for your offering for $5 and they will create it for you for about $10 the next day. This will give you more value than you could ever earn in your photography career.

3. Sell Photos on Ebay

Ebay is also a good source for photos. You can use one of the free bidding site tools to sell photos for a reasonable rate and sell them for multiple times their current value to make extra cash from your photography.

4. Sell Photos on Photobucket

Use Photobucket to sell your photos on an hourly basis and start with your first 10,000 to get good. Then use it to sell photos to bigger sites like ebay, Facebook and many other big sites like YouTube. I don’t recommend selling photos using Photobucket unless you have some serious friends in big websites. They’ll find it to be a nightmare and then start asking for money. For some photos, you can sell at 5 times or even 30 times the current value.

In addition to these options, you can use the free photo editing tools like Photohot or Pixlr.

How to Start Selling Photos

There are a number of things you have to do or

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