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As an example, I usually charge $1.25-2 per image for each edit. The more edits I do the more edits you are going to pay. Here’s a breakdown of prices by date and editing service (from my editing software of choice):

To sum up, this means if you are looking at $1.25 per edit, and you have 10 or more edits, you may be saving up to $10.00/image depending on the editing service. Just keep in mind, if you have multiple clients, the more edits each one makes, the more you are likely to save.

To answer the initial question, the cheaper it is to edit photos, the less you should charge.

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How frequently should I edit photos? This is something you are going to have to sort out on your own based on some simple math. It’s more like a free-for-all with this topic! For starters, let’s assume you have to maintain a 1:1 relationship with your client and keep them in mind, as they are the one paying for your time. It’s possible you can edit 10,000 to 20,000 photos/month, depending on how much editing you are doing. So if you edit 10,000 times, it would take you about 2 months to shoot 10,000 images in a single day.

If you edit 20,000 times, it would take you about 4 months and 2,000 hours to shoot 20,000 images in a single day. If you edited 100 times, it would take you about 11 months and 8,000 hours to shoot 100 images in a single day. So for these two images, the cost would be 10 times and 7 times respectively.

So based on these numbers you would charge $50-100/image at the first image, $50/image at the second and $100/image at the third. If you are making $20 an hour and getting $100 an image, that would be $4,000 per day you were editing.

How many shots per hour is this, and what quality should I shoot at each shot? This is also not clear on how many different shots each photo should be shot at different times or in multiple ways. So in general we recommend to shoot between 12 shots/hour and 8 shots/hour depending on how you are doing it and what is your style. However, we would advise you to shoot only about 5 images per hour before your workflow is slowed down and

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