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When purchasing photos, it’s important to note the quality of ink and paper used. Photo quality is determined by two factors, which are color and light.


Color is the fundamental principle by which the image is formed. Color affects the brightness and the contrast of one image versus another. Color theory can be broken down into three basic colors – white, black and gray. White is the brightest and most dominant color, although black provides an intermediate or “grey” counterpart. The ratio between these two colors influences the amount and intensity of the black image on a page. Darker colors represent greater contrast, while lighter colors are reduced in intensity.


Lightness is the proportion of dark to light in an image, and varies widely from person to person. It is most often estimated by using a light meter or a light source that emits a certain number of light rays that reach a particular point on the face of a person. A meter, an electronic light fixture, or a light bulb can be used as the measurement source for determining lightness.


Brightness is directly related to the light. Brightness is the proportion of the source of light that reaches the eye. The higher the brightness of the image that emerges on the page, the better the clarity and fidelity of the printed image. A large number of dots on white paper will produce a very dark impression, which may or may not be discernible.

The amount and quality of light, together with a few other factors, determine the brightness of the image on its printed face.

Light meter for photo printing

In addition to the meter, you can also measure your light meter and find out how much light your printer can produce. For those who plan on using this device in printing, you’ll receive a special meter to make the measurements for your print job. There are three types of meter available: the LED meter, the paper clip, and the light source.

LED meter

The LED meter is designed for a light-emitting diode (LED), which produces light. The LED meter has a range of 1 to 200 lumens, and is typically used in large industrial lighting fixtures. The light output produced by the meter will vary from 1,000 lumens to 500 lumens, and has a typical power capacity of 50 to 60 lumens.

Although available for purchase by hobbyist photographers, this light meter only shows the brightness of the light output. Its measurement may or may

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