Is it worth getting a degree in photography? – Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body

Photo by Matt Tulloch

Let’s be honest: The degree in photography is an expensive investment. It’s not going to provide an immediate cash flow, especially if you are working from a student loan and paying a lot of money to get your degree. In fact, when you do a cost-benefit analysis, I recommend opting for a degree in business in particular rather than an economics degree, unless you specifically work with retail or manufacturing companies. (Although I am sure some companies do offer degrees in photography.)

When I started my professional photography career, I chose photography in high school because I knew it would be a good path to a professional career in photography. That’s right, if photography wasn’t my major, I wouldn’t be able to buy my first DSLR. So I took photographs of other people’s business and I started to teach them how to market themselves.

You can’t go to Harvard with a degree in photography. It’s not worth it. But you can still learn how to promote yourself, grow your portfolio and get your own business off the ground.

3. What is your favorite photo to use and why?

Photo by Matt Tulloch

My favorite photo to use to promote myself is my personal logo logo on my portfolio. The logo is my personal logo, it doesn’t really represent my photography at all, but I just think my personal logo looks cute on my portfolio.

There are a number of photographers out there that I respect and admire. One of the major ones is Ed Frahm who I admire a lot for his approach to photography. He uses his personal logo to promote his photography. He uses it on his Twitter account to promote his photography, his Facebook and Instagram images, as well as his website and blog.

Photo by Matt Tulloch

It is interesting that a person who works at such a high level in the corporate photography world does not have his own personal logo, but he does share his personal name on his Instagram, Facebook, Facebook profiles and website. Some people think that’s a waste of space, because they should be sharing all the photos that they upload and the photos are also shared on their Flickr accounts as well. However, Frahm really focuses his images on the brand. And that is why his portfolio makes photographers laugh. There is usually one photo that people notice on his Instagram and it is rarely more than three to five photos or even less.

4. What are some resources you

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