Is photography a dying profession? – Adobe Stock Contributor

That may well be the case, but there are still plenty of people who enjoy taking pictures and are not afraid to show their passion for the craft in a way that appeals to others.

The last time I checked, photography is still a viable profession. It is just that the current crop of photographers seem to have a particular fascination with being “caught”. If you follow photography blogs, you will have read stories of high profile photo shoots that were “scam shoots” and the photographers were never paid for their photos. While I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the way the media portrays the subject, I have to admit that there is some truth in the story. It is the photographers who get caught who are most likely to suffer for their actions.

One very popular blog on which this topic has had a large following is the very informative (and quite funny) “The Pinch” blog by James Staley. In his blogs, Staley provides photographic insight into some of the scams that have been perpetrated upon photographers over the years. Sometimes, this can be quite funny!

The above are a few of the scam scenarios that Staley has reported on, with comments included.

This is a “photoshoot” for $1,800 with photo and video equipment purchased with money stolen from a bank. The camera was stolen on a previous mission and that is why the equipment was used.

A photographer has a car being taken from the site of a mission being set up so he uses that car as a prop. He is not getting paid so it is a scam.

A photographer with a video camera shoots video on his own private jet and doesn’t get paid. He then posts the footage on the Internet using the name of his company.

A guy shoots a video on an airplane and gets paid for the footage. He then posts it on the Internet and sells the footage. A photographer with multiple videos to sell and one video to promote is a scam. It isn’t as if he is a famous photographer or something. These videos are probably going to be watched only by his friends. The guy will then get paid and have little incentive to make a change in the industry.

A photographer takes his wife’s photo but they are already married and are not getting paid.

This guy is trying to convince his family that he has been in some strange places or he has discovered a way. He asks people to call him and leave messages on his cell phone

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