Is photography a good business?

Photojournalism isn’t the only media business, but it’s one of the best. Businesses in media can be a lot of fun, and there are some exciting stories and ideas coming through that make the job seem like a really rewarding one. There’s a certain satisfaction you get seeing your work appear in the paper and hear that it was seen by an “influential” audience.

In the short term at least, it’s good business, and when one can achieve the type of work you can make (which many journalists do nowadays), it’s a wonderful career. In the long term though you can only become as wealthy as your portfolio, and with the industry facing so many challenges, there are fewer people getting rich with it than ever before, so unless you’re a celebrity, you may be better off out there shooting with your camera, taking those sweet pictures that get people talking.

If you’ve been wondering about getting started as a professional in photography, read on!

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A Texas high school student is suing the district’s principal after he was suspended for being a gay boy.

Alfonso Gutierrez, 13, was suspended the day after his sophomore year for being involved in a gang fight, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in Texas district court on Thursday.

But the school’s principal was concerned about the student’s sexuality, a claim the boy’s lawyer says he didn’t think was true.

“At any point in their conversations with this young man and his family, they did not ask him to change his sexual orientation,” said attorney Daniel Petrocelli.

Petrocelli says Gutierrez was a victim of “religious persecution” and called his suspension “sad” and “terrible.”

“He was bullied because of his sexual orientation,” Petrocelli said during a Thursday court hearing. “It is not protected under the United States Constitution.”

The lawsuit alleges that the students were not allowed to socialize and had to stay out of his room and on school grounds during the day because he refused to be photographed by a security guard. Petrocelli alleged the student was threatened by gang members and told, “If you can’t talk to a gay person … then you’re no real part of the school.”

Gutierrez said in the suit that he was bullied in middle school and didn’t enjoy the punishment he had to endure because he