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It’s difficult not to wonder about the potential of what’s already out there in the industry, if nothing else. It seems like many people think that Photoshop is no longer as ubiquitous as it once was, and that it hasn’t really had a serious impact on professional photography today. But it remains a vital component of the image processing workflow. This doesn’t mean it’s the only thing we should use, but it surely plays a major role in the workflow, and it’s an element that’s been around for a long time.

I’m not going to list out every feature that Photoshop comes up with, but I’d like to offer some examples of some of my favorite effects that Photoshop can add. I hope these are able to help you visualize what Photoshop can do. If you want to try out other Photoshop effects, keep in mind that in order to get proper benefits you’ll need to make sure you are applying these in a proper manner. For example, you should always try to make an adjustment to a dark part of the image first, and then apply a lighter or brightening filter first. If the adjustment is too dark you may end up with a completely flat image instead of a bit of sky or an area that’s a bit blurred.

So what you can see for yourself with this particular trick? Well, here’s a very, very simple image, but that still demonstrates how easy it is to see those little details.

So let’s try the new effect – a sky glow!

There are several effects that can be built from the original image that is used as an example here. One of these effects is what’s known as a “flood effect.” If you’re really bored with the example image then you can have a look at one of our previous tutorial posts where we showed you all the way to recreate the effect, but we’ll focus on this one in this tutorial.

So as you can probably see in the image above, there are a lot of very little little things you can add to this image, that’s just the nature of it. But here is a way to add a flood of color to the sky. Basically you are going to take the original image and you’re going to add some color – that comes from the sky.

To really see the effect of this technique, you really need to set the exposure level.

It’s easy to see that the image wasn’t well exposed before! Let’s make the image better exposed and get that sky

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