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The answer is no! This is a multi-week event for those who have not had any time for drawing in the first place. It also contains a lot of extra material not normally found in other art competitions, such as fan art, music, and fanfiction.

How will this happen?

We have a whole list of requirements! Some of them are very simple; the other ones can be a little more complicated (like “be good at making stuff” and “take good pictures”). Once we have finished with the last list, the top three or four drawings will be considered for a place on the final artist line up. If this list is empty, your submission will only be considered for the Artist category. Once your project gets to the point where you have an idea for a picture of the competition (and you have already submitted it), we will reach out to you via email and ask you what you want to do. Once we have determined what you want to do, the contest manager will email you back and ask you about your details. All the information you provided will be entered in our database to get you into the next round of the competition. This means you may even be given a prize!

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Can I upload my previous work into this contest?

Yes! Upload anything you want to this contest. We will get it onto our website, so you may use this for both art and photography!

Does the final artist line up guarantee the winner?

There is no guarantee as to who will be there, but there are plenty of slots available. It would be great if you could be somewhere on the final lines! I don’t see you yet in Artist or Artist Artist, but if there is a spot available I will contact you. You would have to let me know where you are!

How do I get into the event?

If your entry is at least two hours long, you can be in Artist Artist right away! I will need a little extra time to get everything organized, however.

How do I send a screenshot to the contest organizer?

Since this is a photoshoot only, the first prize (aside from drawing a picture of your winning design, of course) will be an iPhone 5c. You must have a very good camera and be able to capture your winning artwork!

I won, but I don’t want to be an artist. Can I still enter?

Sure! The contest is designed to give people

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