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Photographers do many jobs. You take a picture, send it, and get back to your client with a report. It’s a fast paced job as photographers need to do a lot of work. Some people say that if a photo gets back to your client faster, it will sell more. In many ways yes.

A good photographer will take a wide variety of frames – many people say a photo should only have 10 images. They’ll take 2 with some of the more popular brands. I don’t know about you, but I prefer a wide variety of images. That way the clients do not have to put up with a bunch of shots from the same camera.

You do not need to go to the same shots over and over. It might be tempting to make a quick “hit” of a moment or two, but you’ll often only get 1 or 2 good shots of the scene.

If you need to take the shot, you should have time – the client is probably expecting a quick answer. If they need more time, that is up to them. Remember to let the client know before you leave that there is more to the story than you thought.

The “no flash photography” policy seems to be a trend on the Internet. Can you give us the details of that?

A lot of my clients are still doing this. It was not a bad policy, however sometimes you need to make some alterations to your photo. A light meter will give you an idea if there are too many lights in the image or you need to adjust your lighting.

My general policy on the flash is that it is used for the main highlight. You can either do a background fill (or even a background blur) to enhance the primary light or to reduce the amount of light being focused on your subject.

I also don’t let my clients use flash at the flash unit, nor do I require it.

The other thing to remember about lighting is that even if you use the brightest light possible, if you have the smallest aperture, you will still run the risk of overexposing the picture.

If you have a good subject matter and you have the light meter that you need, you can make adjustments later on and use that instead. If you don’t know your subject, you may need to get a camera or a video camera.

Can you tell us a bit more about your workflow.

Photography is a long process. My days are

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