What are the skills of graphic designer?

The graphic design talent needs to know the following skills:

• Ability to design with a variety of materials (such as paper or digital ink)

• Ability to compose (draw) images

• Ability to draw images with minimal effort or time

• Ability to draw and compose with the appropriate artistic skills (such as colour, line and perspective)

• Ability to draw and compose in a smooth, easy to learn style

• Ability to create graphic designs on a variety of platforms on a variety of devices

• Ability to learn to apply design principles to current day design practice

• Ability to create the best possible visual presentation of a graphic design

• Ability to take care of a variety of technical and aesthetic needs

• Ability to create in a creative, effective and practical manner

• Able to solve design problems effectively on both a design and marketing level

How can professionals be certified?

• Graphic design certifications are offered through national and international bodies like the International Conference of Creative Techniques (ICCT)

• The ICT offers three levels of certifications:

• Level 1, Professional Design Certificate (PDF);

• Level 2, Professional Design Certificate II (PDF); and

• Level 3, Professional Design Certificate Advanced Certificate (PDF)

• The ICT offers certification courses and in-depth training for graphic designers at its various levels, including advanced training courses for the Level 1 Certification in:

• Professional Design Certificate and

• ICT Professional Certification

• How to apply for certification:
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• To enroll by phone (available via telephone conference call)

• To seek in-person or in-office support by attending ICT courses

• To apply for certification by completing a Professional Certificate Application

• To submit a portfolio and a resume showing qualifications and skills, including:

• Current employer’s contact data

• Previous work experience

• Current and past design assignments, including portfolios and client work

• Current and past work in-house or outsourced

• A reference, and

• Documents showing a range of professional activities and professional achievements

• A summary of the design project and its outcome

What if I need more information?

If you need more information about the ICT, please call its toll free number (888) 564-2033.

For more information about our professional skills certification programs, please see