What can you do with a digital photo?

You can do it with Google+.

How to edit you own photo?

The best and easiest way to change a digital photo is by adding captions and color adjustments; the latter are usually a simple change for the most of the issues you may have with your image. However, there are a couple of things you may need to add your own photos.

1) Adding a caption:

To add your own information to a photo, you can attach it to the original file (or use Google Image Search for the free version to search for the image) and create a caption.

2) Add Photo Background (for creating a Photo Wall):

The third thing you are going to do is create a background photograph so that you can easily create a Photo Wall that is just like the one in this tutorial. To do that, simply add a photo to your Photo Wall.

How to Edit & Save Your Photo:

You can download, save, and edit your photo in about 10 seconds from the main screen of your Galaxy S7. Once you’ve finished, you have a nice looking, professional looking, photo.

How to Upload Photos to Social Networks:

When you click on “SMS” in Samsung Galaxy S7, the option to “Upload” or “SMS” will appear; this option is always on, even if you’re not using any of the Social Network apps as well. With this option selected, you just select the photo to upload. You can use your Galaxy S7 to take a new photo or you can upload a single photo. When you are finished uploading your photo, it will appear on the bottom right where you can then save it.

How to Upload Photos to Your Google+ Account:

You can also upload photos to your Google+ account; here, you will need to click on the upload button on the right. This will open up the upload process. Once the process has completed, just upload your photos to your Google+ account.

Download this Samsung Galaxy S7 Digital Photo Tutorial in PDF format

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