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“This is a photography degree. This is a photography degree, which is a photography degree that is accredited by NAM.” – Ed.

There is indeed such a thing as a NAM accredited photography degree, a degree taught by the NAM.

You must have learned of the NAM from someone else. Some people are quite specific in their information.

I have no doubt that it takes a lot of knowledge to become an NAM accredited photographer. As well as education, you must know how to deal with the various kinds of exposure, the various types of framing, the various kinds of composition.

There are many other things that I don’t even know about the NAM.

As far as I understand, it isn’t even possible to attend the NAM as an independent person. As far as I am aware of, everyone is part of the NAM. You go if you want to attend the NAM and it’s no problem.

So that’s why you should pay attention to NAM accredited accredited institutions. I know that many of you know how valuable an NAM accredited education is, but how many people are really interested in getting one? I know that many more people might not be comfortable with learning about a thing that they themselves only learned about in an accredited degree or the National Association of Professional Photography Education (NAPPE). But I’m going to do my best for now.

NAM accredited accredited institutions

There are many NAM accredited accredited institutions in North American, such as Art Institute of Chicago, Central University of California, University of California Hollywood, University of California Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz.

There are many other NAM accredited accredited organisations, such as The European Association of Digital Photography School (EADPS), The Photographic Alliance, Professional Schools of Ireland (formerly National Postgraduate Teaching College (NPTC)), The European Photographic Association (EPAAA), and the Association of Professional Photographics (AP).

If you go to one of them, you must understand what they teach – what kind of knowledge, skills, and experience you can expect to get from them and what it costs to do a degree there.

What do NAM accredited degrees offer you?

While there are many different methods to obtain an NAM accredited degree (for example, if you get an NAM accredited photography degree and then graduate to a professional program), all of them offer the same important things.


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