What is needed to start a photography studio?

The best and simplest way to begin your photography studio is with a great quality camera. The quality of your camera will define your studio and your personal vision. That said, you don’t need to go crazy with the camera. For a beginner, it will all be about the quality of your photos. And you can buy a cheap camera with a camera mode, but at the end of the day, it’s still about the quality of your photos. But don’t overthink it. Be the photographer.

You don’t need to look for a top-of-the-line camera. That means you can be happy with one that’s under $800, good with a Canon 1D V or Fuji X100 T, and not good at all with a Sigma SD 15mm f1.4 or a Canon 7D, or a Nikon D3200, or even a Canon 10D. So make your choice, based on whatever you prefer.

Do you need a studio?

Well the basics are already provided. Now you need to establish the right setting and conditions in your studio that allow for good light for your photos. You’ll also need a place you can set your camera.

So if you’re starting a photography business, start with a studio. And no matter what you’re shooting, you need a place where you can stand, place the camera, and keep your feet flat on the ground because it’s really important that your feet stay flat for good quality photos. When shooting your first photos, you probably won’t have a place that’s easy to set up. But you can definitely try your best.
Four Corners Loft — Worrell Yeung

When setting up your studio, try to remember that it’s not about getting the perfect light from a single source, but about getting the right setting for your photos in the right place. It’s great to put a window in your studio. When I take photos in a location, I’m more motivated by the feeling I get of the natural light, so I like using a window in the studio. When we used to use a small studio window I had the problem of taking good lighting photos. I was getting way too much light, and I was getting a lot of photos where the natural light was blown out. And I had to stop taking photos because my eyes were hurting.

So for me it’s more important to find a location that’s right for the lighting that I want. And the best location for natural light, where I could get more light in less time