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At the highest level, if your goal is to help clients sell less, you’re likely to succeed. The question is, how do you help them achieve this? In fact, the answer can be so many things. I’ve compiled a few tips in this video to help you find out, but the bottom line is there is no single answer.

How to Make Your Designs Smarter and Clever

1. Learn How to Use Vector Graphics for Web Design

We all love vectors, but they’re an art form and they require talent to master. If you don’t know how to use them, start learning how by reading a beginner’s guide about vector graphics.

2. Use Adobe Aspirations for web design

Adobe Aspirations is an online art program focused on web design for beginners. It’s a free alternative to creating your own websites, making web assets for display, and learning about web usability.

3. Learn a Web Browser Language

A browser language is a way of writing the web. While learning a language isn’t terribly practical, this guide is free to download so you’re safe. I’ve only used Firefox for this purpose, but it’s much like HTML, and there’s a good guide for beginner’s web-writing tools.

What do I mean by a web designer?

What you do for a living?

Are you a “web designer”?

To get my creative juices flowing, I started a design business and blog, called Zombim, that focuses on design for designers, but I love to write about anything and everything. You might have seen my work on the blog of The Creative Lifestyle, a creative marketing group.

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