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I don’t know. It’s the same as it is for anybody,” said Karsner.

“It’s just about creating a picture which is attractive for the reader and then being able to interpret that picture in some way. You can just not do that on a regular basis.”

He hopes future generations of readers will have a better understanding of who and what the artist is depicting; how things work, and why.

“I think it’s great, the idea of this artwork. It gives people a good insight into what it might look like.”

“They have to be able to relate to the characters,” he added. “If they can’t, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

The first thing to know: If you don’t read The New Yorker’s style guide, you probably have no idea how we’re discussing style in these comments — not even to say, that we’re going to go all over the place.

But we do think style guides are the best tool for writers to keep their writing lean and beautiful, because they’re the best way for writers to determine how style should be applied. This will help to make your writing look “fresh,” rather than “worn out”—and will help you craft great dialogue.

For example:

In “The Night Circus,” Tom has been to one of these many, many “circuses,” but he’s never gone to one named for a character who died years ago. His wife has a very nice house, and their daughter has recently bought this very nice house. Maybe they like the same style, or maybe it’s just that she and her mother have a pretty strong connection. Maybe they have both grown up in New York. And you, as a writer, are trying to write about their lives and their lives are in this wonderful situation. You must talk about those things. You may use this time to talk about whether they’ve found love, whether they’ve gotten divorced, whether they’ve got children, whatever. Do you speak to them about it in order to move them along, or do you just leave out that part?

The way we explain our style guides is, we’re more about making a story flow than about writing about certain words. (This was the first one that had this in mind, and the reason we say “flow,” is that it’s a lot like writing. When you’re writing, you can’t think of anything else to do.)

That being said, there are

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