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How much time will it take to earn?

All the latest news and updates on all the latest careers in the digital and entertainment industries in the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia and more.
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This guide has everything you need to know about starting your digital or video related career.

What should I know before I start applying?

Your application should follow these general guidelines:

Provide a current CV of any relevant work experience or projects you’ve worked on. Provide an outline of work you’ve done within the past few years, with a brief description or story of why you think your skills would fit in with these needs. Please don’t use any generic online tools such as online job boards or resumes. Instead, do your research – take a long hard look at the types of jobs the skills you’re applying for are typically applicable to, including your level of experience. Read through each section, as this will help you identify a handful of areas of expertise which your employers might be more interested in hearing from you about. We’re here to help, so please read through these first, but make sure they are not confused, at times confusing or otherwise hard to follow (this is an interview!)

What should you know after I’ve finished a CV?

Be confident. Apply to jobs that are the right fits for you, and we want to know what you can do to help us find you the job of your dreams.

If you’d like to apply for an internship or similar placement at a studio in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or other EU country, contact us here.

If you’d like to apply for a placement in a school or in an educational facility, contact us here.

If you have a few questions about a particular job application, please contact us here.

Where do I find more information about particular job roles?

For more information regarding specific career fields, please click here.

If I’d like to apply for a role within Creative Services, what should I do?

Contact us here.

I need to learn more about Creative Services but don’t have my own computer here. I’ve been given a link to this guide, though, so can I use it?

Unfortunately, no! We’ve got Creative Services for you.

How do I get into the industry?

Find out how to help your industry to grow – what jobs we’re looking for, why

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