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What is an aspiring Photographer exactly?

I like to say I am a photographer, but I’m really just a visual person. My hobbies include architecture, interior design, and design, photography, and illustration. I have worked as an interior designer and as an interior and exterior photographer in different roles. I use a range of lighting styles in my photography and I tend to think in the creative process more than the technical process. At my studio I use a number of different cameras, a range of lenses, digital, and still photography. So I am a visual person, which means I like to view and photograph, not just edit or create. I also love to use the word ‘photography,’ which is what I’m most proud of.”

How did you get into photography?

“I’ve been shooting for about 30 years. I love the outdoors, so my photographic career started in the 1970s working as a professional photojournalist for a national newspaper. I became an environmental photographer at the age of 29,” says the photographer. I began my photography career in 1979 with the purchase of a Nikon F4E/F5S camera as an amateur photographer. In 1981 I started shooting in Europe. I have spent the last 25 years in Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, and the UK. I was the co-founder and director of a commercial and architectural photography workshop in London, as well as being Director of Photography and Production for a range of London galleries. I was commissioned by the British Royal Society of Arts to work as a photographer on a retrospective of photography in the Royal Academy of Arts, and also for the Royal Court. I became a lecturer at the Royal Photographic Society in London and also published a book entitled ‘The Life of a Photojournalist.’

There are a lot of people who would be inspired to pursue this hobby, yet I decided to pursue it on my own.”

What are your photographic techniques? How are they different from others in your field?

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“My style is a hybrid of traditional and modern photography. I try to combine elements of both photography and painting, and also work in the traditional light. I like both mediums, and as a visual person I prefer to photograph things using lighting, so that you get an image that is strong rather than strong without lights on. The technique I use is a lot like that used by my colleagues at my studio, so that I am able to see different light forms and create an image that is strong or weak without

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