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How much do portraits cost?

Photographers may prefer to keep a picture of themselves, but a professional photographer can get more money from a large print, while there are always some photos with a good quality print that one can sell for only a few dollars.

The best way to find out what to pay for a picture is to read a small number. Most people with an idea of asking for a price will take more for a small number, even if the quality of the drawing is better than $200.

There are no rules of what you can pay for what, it depends on what you can afford, of course.

Do you need a professional to do an assignment? Are you trying to find the best photographer in the place or even the continent you want to travel to?

In many places you can find photographers who can take your pictures, you should be able to find a well known photographer and ask them for a quote.

Do you have an existing relationship with the photographer? Or, is there always someone you need to speak with first?

Do you work exclusively with a photographer? Do you need some time, or a specific reason to pay for your own pictures?

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you find it confusing, or you think you haven’t included everything, please let us know in comments or send us an email. We would love to work something out with you.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below if you have questions, comments for your own photographs, or comments for anything else.

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