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I have some favorites. People seem to love a great, iconic scene in their life: a memorable photo that’s the stuff of movies, or the scene in a classic novel. The idea of a great shot isn’t unique, though. I get my inspiration for prints from books I’ve read, movies and TV shows (many of which I don’t own), people I know, places I’ve been, and of course, my own life experiences. As well, many of my prints are made of various light sources.

Does photo manipulation or artistic manipulation help?

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I absolutely love to experiment with light levels, focus and exposure. You can’t do anything that isn’t done well by a professional photographer. If you have a good shot but can’t get it through your filter or in your camera, then your shot is not good and it is time to move on. I’ll usually leave it with my assistant, who can take care of any minor adjustments that need to be made, as well as making sure the print is clean, and then I will send them. In the future, I will likely have another assistant who will perform any creative editing for me.

Do people have any questions they would like answered?

Most people want to know what I was thinking when I set up a portrait session. I tell people my answer: do not photograph me; if you do, I will shoot you. I then tell them that a portrait session does not have to be one-person show, but that if they would like to have their picture taken with you, then they can send me the pictures and I’ll do it as long as they want.

Have you ever had to use extreme lighting while creating a portrait?

No. However, it’s probably a possibility in the future. If there is another photographer in your area, I wouldn’t exclude them from the gig. I’m sure that will happen down the road. I have some great lighting equipment at my house that will definitely give you that look and feel that’s important for portraits, so that probably won’t be a problem.

Where do you get your supplies?

When shooting, I buy most of my supplies online: basic things like paper, paper towels, water, a light, and the camera itself. I mostly buy them from my local stores. Sometimes, at stores like Sephora or Amazon, I’ll find things I like, while at others, like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie,

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