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Lemorration Laying to rest the memory of the First Emperor.

Lemorration is a ceremony performed by a group of priests and monks during his annual pilgrimage to the Emperor’s Rest in Solitude, an ancient shrine located in the Imperial city itself. The ceremony is performed by a group of priests and monks dedicated to the service of the gods, and consists of two parts: laying to rest the memory of the emperor in the name of the Four Divines (Elder One, Rourken, God of the Dead, and Mother), and, then, the preparation of his tomb for burial.

At some point during the ritual, a prayer or prayer stone is offered, and the ritual ends with several offerings to the gods, the most prominent of which is the offering of wine to Rourken. He is the God of Dead who is the patron of the pilgrimage. It is also the site where his body is kept by the priests.

By the fourth day, a priest is required to be present to perform the ritual. The ceremony takes place inside the shrine where the emperor’s remains are kept. Many have claimed that, even at this time, his remains cannot be found, which is a possible indication that his remains have been moved elsewhere. According to a journal found in his tomb, his final resting place is found in the cave of Saint Ebonheart, the city’s holiest cathedral.

Bodies [ edit ]

The ritual takes place over five days[1], and each morning brings a different offering to the divines. During the daytime, four offerings are made to Solitude during the morning, but each has its own importance. During the afternoon, one offering is made to the emperor; however, it must be kept for the evening’s final offering.

The first four offerings are called the “Four Divines” in the ritual, which translates into “The Four Spirits”.

In the morning, the first offering is made to the gods, which includes a offering of wine and a bread made from the blood of one of the gods (the bread is called “Saint Ebonheart’s bread”), and several pieces of fruit with red berries. This is an old practice used by the pilgrims after they have been baptized, and has been continued on by the priests throughout the year. The first offering is said to the elder god, then to the saint

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