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It is owned by one of our partners and a small number of employees at the core of the company. The Corel system was originally developed in the 1980s by the founders and is now owned by a company that uses it for business-critical products and services. The product is freely available under a BSD-like license.

Corel has also been used in numerous open source projects. We have a large number of contributors from all over the world. See the documentation for the latest version.

Who uses Corel?

Our research and development has included development and testing of a number of products, ranging from web services, server virtualization and distributed system architectures, to data collection systems, systems for training, management, and security, to educational software and educational products (e.g. courses, textbooks).

The company is also involved in the scientific research and development of corel, its operating system, its application programming interfaces (APIs) and data libraries; its operating system development, including our kernel, corel-net, its X11 and X11-based graphics libraries, and our x11, x11-data, and X11-related libraries; and the development of our data visualization tools. As well as corel-core, we developed many related APIs for corel-java, corel-html, and corel-java-text; and a number of tools for testing, analysis, and debugging applications and software written using those APIs.

About the license

The Corel Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a 501(c)(3) educational charity dedicated to furthering the ideals of freedom, collaboration, and artistic freedom in the software industry in order to create freer, more innovative products, technologies, and to promote the well-being of everyone using them. FSF was established in 1985 to promote free software and its users, and to oppose restrictive licensing of these same software as well as for other purposes.

How is the Free Software Foundation managed?

The FSF is an umbrella organisation that represents a broad spectrum of FSF supporters in America and has many other affiliates globally. The Foundation’s primary function is to carry out the activities under the umbrella of the FSF, including but not limited to:

• The direct advocacy activities of the FSF, including but not limited to advocacy for a free and open software society;

• Organising events and activities;

• Advising and facilitating the participation of

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