Who owns Corel software?

The Corel community is committed to a philosophy of continuous innovation and product improvement. A common misconception is that we require that a product be free in order to be developed. This is not the case, however.

Corel is a non-profit organization and maintains and licenses the source code on our website at www.corelesoft.com . You may freely download and use the source code. However, when Corel software is purchased as part of an organization purchase, the software is sold under the brand of Corel. You may not redistribute the software as part of this deal.

When did the first commercial version of the library come out?

The first commercial version of the application was released in May 2007.

How does the core-utils library work?

It is really very simple. It comes with the commandline interface.

First, we build the core-utils libraries using C99 style function calls. The library contains a number of functions for manipulating files and directories. In the end, the package contains a few hundred lines of code.

Then, our commandline interfaces have a very simple API based on the core-utils library.

Most of the core-utils library, except for the ‘print’ function, depends on a third-party library known as ‘coreutils-extra’. The only difference between the two is that ‘coreutils-extra’ has been ported over to C++. To keep things simple, ‘coreutils-extra’ has been written in C.

When is it easier to use a language instead of C++?

You must choose the language based on the project you are working in. For example, for web development, the best choice is C.

Do I need a commercial license for core-utils?

The Corel License does not apply to Corel software. Some commercial licenses may be required, however they don’t automatically make it part of Corel’s philosophy to distribute such licenses. Please contact support for any questions on this.

How can I find out if my library is supported?

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We maintain a list of core-utils libraries we are currently working on for development. Currently, our coreutils libraries are:







The Corel Licensing Policy is part