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I would have thought they were a thing in their current form, but they aren’t. So what is the hold-up? I am still having problems with them, but I do see more foot pics appearing.

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By Mike DeBonis

I have never been a big fan of the “no-hitter” nickname. While there may have been some instances that I can remember that were truly “no-no’s” — a pitcher who just missed a great strike zone, and threw a pitch that was in the strike zone, but still struck out — the “no-call” nickname would always end up being unfairly applied. It’s been my experience that most no-hitters by guys like Sandy Koufax and Steve Carlton (as well as Bob Gibson and Roger Clemens, in the case of Koufax) would never receive the “No-hitter” moniker; those guys were just better hitters than those who got called no-hitters. The “no-hitters” moniker is an unfair designation, and one that has almost always been applied more against good-hitting pitchers than against bad hitters.

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So, it’s a little ridiculous of me to bring up a player like Sandy Koufax or John Smoltz, who got no-hitters as a true no-hitter. But, since I’m not really a Mets fan, I’m going to use some arguments that might appeal to Mets fans.

Let’s start with the fact that no-hitters are defined differently by different observers. For example, at least in baseball’s history, no-hitters are generally defined as one pitcher in the eighth inning pitching all six batters away from facing only one batter in the ninth. This makes sense from a statistical and operational standpoint, because the pitcher who does it often has a huge lead, especially if it’s in the seventh or eighth inning. He’s the guy who has the best chance to be the first one to retire the pitcher if the game went into extra innings (or, in extreme cases, an extra-inning score).

With all of the emphasis on statistics, I see no reason for this distinction to be made more strictly as a pitching statistic. But in some ways I see both good and bad results when we talk about no-hitters.

The good-hitting pitchers who never got no-hitters weren’t so bad as a stat. Sure, they weren’t getting a lot of walks or hits, but when

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