Can we drink saffron milk daily? – How Do You Harvest Saffron

We can’t. It’s very bitter to drink.

What if I was a vegetarian?

Well, if it is you wish to go and vegetarians you do get some saffron milk now. You can eat it, don’t worry, it is healthy.

Do saffron milk and dairy foods have the same safety profile as wheat, corn and soy?

We have not found any adverse effects associated with these foods, but they are not considered equivalent to soy.

How can I make my own milk powder?

There are two types of milk powder, there’s instant (which looks like yogurt) and there’s milk powder. The instant one has no fat, water and carbohydrate content which is why you can just take a teaspoon out of the bag.

There’s also another milk powder which is very, very nutritious called “milk cheese” which is made on the stove. It’s very important you give this milk cheese a test before you eat it, because it contains more of the vitamins and minerals than regular milk cheese.

You shouldn’t eat milk cheese if it is older than 4 weeks. The taste of milk cheese is usually unpleasant.

What do I eat for breakfast?

You shouldn’t put milk powder into the mouth before eating breakfast to get the benefits of milk. Most people prefer that this paste is consumed with a fruit as it adds flavouring, it is good enough with an egg on breakfast.

How much milk can I have per day?

You should have about 5ml of milk a day (2 cups, which is about 2 tablespoons of fresh milk.)

Do I need to drink milk while I am sleeping.

There is absolutely no need. You shouldn’t have milk for more than two or three hours unless you’re lactose intolerant.

What do I do if I have a stomach ache or a runny nose, how can I drink milk?

It’s very easy to drink milk from a bottle, pour about 5ml (the same amount of milk should go down the throat as it hits the back of your throat. The milk will be warm and you might have to give it a little squeeze. Do the same with a cup of milk if it is not warm, otherwise you’ll have it hot.

Can I drink some milk when I am sick?

We don’t recommend drinking a lot, but you can drink some water if it is cold

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