Can you eat the saffron threads? – Saffron Crocus Not Flowering


How come you don’t take the saffron threads and use them in your food?

Because it’s very good for the health of the human body. For the people who don’t know me I also eat it on an almost daily basis. It’s a very important thing, really a life saver in the way that I handle my health concerns. I’ve done this for seven years now, six years before the last pregnancy, so to speak, and what has become clear is by using saffron thread, taking the whole amount in every day and using one single spoonful every day, if that too isn’t enough, then you take a lot more, and of course this really increases the health benefits of saffron.

Tell us about your grandmother Sita.

I grew up very fond of Sita’s, although I do love her a whole lot. I also grew up with an Indian grandfather, who is my father’s brother. For me, Sita is very important. She’s a good friend to the families that are in Chennai.

You’ve started to promote her on your website and you mention Sita’s in your book titled “Shark Finale”.

Yes. Sita’s is the most important woman in our history who has influenced life in the world. She’s extremely important to our country, and so is the Indian family that she has influenced. She’s the one woman with huge influence who is the mother of our motherland. That’s why my book is also dedicated to this.

How many people know the story about her death?

My grandmother died due to a bacterial infection. I have an Indian surname which means her maternal grandfather is Sita.

“Shark Finale” has been an international success story. Do people know what you read when they start reading the book.

It’s very much a story, as you say, where it’s really just an excuse, a story. Even I have to admit that, you know, it’s all a dream. It’s an excuse to get a few pages on something and to see the characters. I’ve always had an interest in the sea and so I always saw sharks and so I thought it would be nice to write something like a shark story. To be honest people read the book very much and they love it. They like the characters, they like the journey, so there are a lot of readers here, including my husband.

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