Can you grow saffron from seeds? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seed

Yes, but not the sweet or black kind. Use a seed which is black, sweet, or both, and which is sufficiently mature for saffron processing.

What is saffron?

Saffron contains all of the five basic aromatic oils used in the production of perfumes, and is used also in the making of cosmetics such as cosmetics, perfumes and bath and body products. Saffron is extracted from the seeds of the saffron plant (Ocimum basilicum) and is a non-toxic and high quality aromatic plant oil.

Saffron makes a good source for making perfumes, but is also used as a flavouring in fragrances because the oil contained in the flower heads or heads of the plants is very strong and does not need to be diluted before using.

How is saffron processed in Morocco?

Saffron can be extracted straight from the seeds, or, if left to dry, it can be powdered as a base for making extracts.

There are two processes used to extract the saffron. Both work well with high concentrations of the essential oils. The first is called ‘dry extraction’ which involves first drying the saffron seeds in a lamp before grinding them to a fine powder. This is a good way to extract the essential oils from the seeds when no other method is available. The other method is called ‘wetting a method’ which involves placing a drop of the essential oil in a piece of clean paper and pressing the paper against the seed surface. The oil dries to a powder on contact with the paper and is then ground with a mortar to remove any particles or oil.

The main advantages of the dry extraction method are that it is relatively cheap, and it means that the pure essential oils extracted are very stable since they are not exposed to air. The use of dried seeds results in a ‘fresh’ saffron with a lower concentration of the essential oil and an increase in its flavour.

The dry method is also a good way to obtain small amounts of the essential oils so that the production of a large quantity will never become a challenge. With the wetting-method method the saffron needs to be diluted with water before use.

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This means that the saffron must remain in a vessel for the required amount of time and it is not as easy to use it once it is dry again. It is not recommended to use wetted saffron on its

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