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Saffron has so many compounds. It doesn’t just have the spice that is sometimes found in saffron. This spice is a unique and important member of most Indian curries, and in many cultures. I like to make saffron and turmeric at least once a week — as a part of a main dish or in recipes where the other ingredients complement the saffron. It is also used to make a traditional chutney made from the oil of a young bull’s head. Saffron has many flavor characteristics too. It has a light nutty, bitter, and sometimes medicinal taste. It has a strong tangy flavor that is often not associated with saffron. Its flavor is often used in the form of a substitute for cardamom in many Indian cuisine. The spice is also sometimes used in Asian cooking.
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Saffron has a high color and flavor. This color of the spice is yellowish brown, a dark yellow. I am a huge fan of saffron and have many people mention to me that they use it when they do new recipes to get a more authentic taste.

When to throw out saffron? No, as long as you understand the benefits of saffron and its uses. For example, one of the most popular recipes we do at the Thai cooking school in Las Vegas is with saffron-green lentils. You put the lentils in an oven and roast until most of the lentils are tender and very chewy. Then you put some saffron green into the lentils. The green gives a light and tangy flavor with deep, rich flavor. The lentils then go into a casserole. So you have the best of both worlds; a delicious lentil dish and a savory dish that is also rich and complex from that combination.

The easiest way to tell whether you have saffron in your kitchen is to look at it. Saffron is usually a clear light green color. If you find that it is mostly a rich green color, then you have too much saffron in your kitchen. It is also important to keep it in check because not all saffron is the same. Some saffron in your kitchen may be green, while a different saffron may be brown. It just depends on what your saffron has been grown over.

How much saffron can you add to your spices? There is no exact rule when making small amounts of spice

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