Does saffron lose its flavor?

The answer may not be as straightforward as it looks. The saffron used in cooking is mostly derived from the leaves of the saffron flower. However, there are several other ingredients that can impact its taste:

Saffron oil

A good butter used in saffron recipes

Salt (not including kosher salt)

What about the flavour of saffron oil? What role does the salt play? Some experts argue salt helps to soften the flavour of saffron but this was not the case for me.

If any of this seems off to you, consider this: saffron can be quite spicy at times. The best way to eat saffron is with oil and salt in a sauce that is deep enough that none of the spices on the knife get a taste of the heat.

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You know who really loves basketball and just seems to be so full of life? Kevin Durant. KD: “We have to come to the point where we’re playing competitive games. I’ll never understand the Big Sky. Why couldn’t they name it the Big East if it was a tournament.” — KIRO Radio (@KIRO7Seattle) October 19, 2016

In 2012, Durant spent his final season at Kansas playing basketball for the Jayhawks’ AAU team — the University of Oklahoma (OKC’s former AAU team). He played his college ball at the same program he now calls home. He says, “I’ll never understand