Does saffron raise blood pressure? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seed

Yes. So does drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.”

I am not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one. However, what I have read in all the literature so far has convinced me that saffron was indeed an effective diuretic. In fact, if you look at studies done to date, there is a strong link between the consumption of certain spices, drugs and even foods can actually increase the size of blood vessels.

Coconut, ginger, curry leaves, parsley – I have a list that goes on. Saffron does a number of things. I have seen patients who were unable to walk without the help of the herb. I have had friends who developed hypertension with the consumption of certain foods (chicken, eggs, alcohol) which was reversed once the herbs were taken off the menus. I have received a lot of anecdotal evidence from readers about how saffron worked and it was not only a diuretic it was a muscle relaxing plant. The herbalists will tell you that to treat the ailments that come from low blood pressure, your blood is being depleted too fast and as a result the body is trying to conserve it. Since we are trying to preserve the blood, we need to take a break from our more usual “comfort foods”.

I am not a medical doctor but it seemed to me that the use of saffron as a diuretic was backed up by scientific studies that were funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

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I wanted to know whether saffron had any impact on diuretics such as the blood pressure drugs, Plavix or Plavarone. According to Wikipedia ( the drug that prevents fibrinolysis is called Zocor. In a clinical trial involving over 1000 people. ( it was found that saffron improved the blood pressure (5 mm/l) and cholesterol (10% reduction) levels in the patients after 3 months use. What was striking about this study is that it was an uncontrolled clinical trial only. In a controlled clinical trial, patients had to maintain their usual diet for 3 months. The subjects were in stable, non-diabetic, overweight women over 40 years old. This

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