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Not really. A 2009 American Medical Association report (PDF) concludes it can reduce blood pressure by 10 to 25 percent, while some research indicates the exact opposite effect occurs — higher blood pressure means lower blood sugar.

It’s not necessarily clear whether saffron increases or depletes the appetite for calories.

For example, it may work by helping to promote energy and weight loss, but not necessarily leading to more physical activity or weight loss, and certainly not with a calorie deficit.

For some people, saffron may be harmful or even dangerous. One 2010 German study reported that the herb may interfere with the insulin sensitivity in rats by “reducing their ability to regulate blood glucose.”

Yet the herb is a source of vitamin B and C, some other nutrients essential to good health, and could be useful as a nutritional supplement in some cases.

What About Antioxidants?

Antioxidants, such as the antioxidant peroxynitrite, are generally considered safe, although some evidence indicates that they may increase the risk of breast cancer and other types of cancer, and are even linked to a reduced risk of death.

Still, most research shows that antioxidant vitamins do not affect cholesterol levels.

And although a handful of observational studies suggest saffron improves brain function and cognitive performance, the studies are also inconsistent. An American Journal of clinical nutrition study published in September 2009 concluded there’s no significant difference in brain function between saffron and placebo patients and saffron treatment improved memory and thinking skills. (A 2013 German study, meanwhile, reported that saffron, but not vitamin E, has a positive effect on working memory and the visual-striatal-cortical connectivity, but not in older people.)
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The FDA regulates dietary supplements, not foods, and cannot make recommendations about the ingredients in plant foods or supplements.

By: Mark Binelli | August 26th, 2014 |

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